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late afternoon sun on the 18th century stone cottage from a distance of 10 meters


Les Gîtes de Guernegroach used to be a farm that fed 2 families, modern agricultural methods left Guernegroach behind and it now houses people instead of pigs and cows.

Set in 4 hectares of small fields and "chemins creux" The Studio (3 star rating) - a large living space ideal for 2 people, La Chaumière (3 star rating) - a traditional breton cottage sleeping 6 and Number 7 (2 star rating because of its size) - a small but perfectly form mini-studio ideal for 1 person or a couple. All accommodations decorated with style and sensitivity, comfortable and well equipped.

Guests have the run of most of the property but you may need wellington boots - there are gardens allotted to each of the accommodations.

Surrounded by fields and forests the tranquility of Guernegroach charms its guests every time.

View over the valley from Guernegroach - the "Soul Field" a place to breathe and be or enjoy the firepit


The Pays du Roi Morvan is a captivating region nestled in the heart of Brittany, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern charm. Steeped in history, this area offers a delightful mix of natural beauty and cultural gems for the modern traveler.


Explore the rolling hills and verdant forests, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts longing to hike or cycle along stunning trails.


Immerse yourself in vibrant villages that proudly showcase their Breton heritage, with artisans crafting unique treasures and local markets brimming with fresh produce and delectable regional specialties.


Unwind in cozy cafes and bistros, savoring the flavors of authentic Breton cuisine accompanied by a glass of locally brewed cider.


Whether you are capturing Instagram-worthy moments amidst the breathtaking landscapes, discovering the region's fascinating folklore, or indulging in a dose of relaxation, the Pays du Roi Morvan will capture your heart with its modern allure and undeniable charm.


"A fantastic stay.

We received a great welcome, our host was always available to chat or answer questions.

If you are looking for a quiet place and

Cocooning this is where you need to go

Thanks again"


/ Sandrine and Fabrice


"A big thank you to Tracy for her very warm welcome to a truly exceptional gîte in all aspects: very comfortable, beautifully decorated, etc. all of this in an environment where nature is queen and serene.

We were so lucky to stay in the Studio!"


/ Marie France


"After a 4 month stay in the exceedingly comfortable and practical Studio where we felt totally at home and Tracy always ZEN and attentive to our needs whilst remaining discreet - happiness and tranquility.  A big thank you Tracy, we will not forget you.  Very, very good memories."


/ Michele and Eric


"We had a great stay in this studio. Ideal for two adults, the space was well appointed and equipped, as described.

The surroundings are full of opportunities for cultural tours that are perfect for discovering the heart of Brittany.

Tracy, our host, was very friendly and available as needed. Coming from the Southwest, we particularly appreciated the Breton summer climate, which was more pleasant and conducive to day trips. But shh, let's keep it secret not to attract everyone to Brittany and to discreetly enjoy our summer oasis!;-)

Thanks again!."


/ Damien

sunshine through the trees on one of the wooded glades of the property
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