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Tracy van Leyden smiling out of blue painted window


Welcome to my Queendom! This is me Tracy van Leyden - artist, interpreter and entrepreneur. I'm English but have lived in France for more than 30 years.  I discovered Brittany in 2005 and love everything about it including the weather! 


I rent out my gîtes to allow me to live on this magnificent property and I have lavished as much love on the gîtes as I have on my own home - what can I say? I just love properties.

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My Story

My husband and I first saw Guernegroach in 2005 while it was still a dairy farm with cows in most of the buildings.  We became the proud owners in 2007 with the idea that we didn't have to do anything to the property and that having electricity and water was all we needed for our holidays in the camper van. We spent the following 10 years "renovating" (for lack of a better word).  The only habitable building was what is now "the Studio" but was then referred to as "chez les beaux parents" (the in-laws place). 

We spent the summer of 2007 living in an old camper van cleaning decades old cow poo from the cow sheds.  After a summer of using the municipal showers we decided that we needed our own facilities.  Whilst a bathroom was being installed we reallised that a kitchen would work well next door and like pulling a thread from a jumper we just kept on going adding on bedrooms and living rooms.  

We were supposed to end up living in the "Chaumière" so we took our time choosing the right tiling, lighting everything we thought we'd need for a perfect love nest including his and hers bathrooms and even a bathroom for the dog downstairs - in the mean time we were living in what the workmen jokingly called the bunker (a large cowshed with cement walls) but as time went on we realised that we were perfectly happy in the bunker and that the Chaumière would not be for us.

I have all the work in progress photos and one day I'll make it into a book for posterity - it has been a magnificent journey and Guernegroach is still the magical place it was when we first bought it, just moved into the 21st century.

It is my pleasure to share this special place with others even if only for a week or two.


Drop me line ...

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